How I made my web design services more accessible.

As a small business owner and designer working with mainly smaller businesses, I racked my brain for hours trying to find a balance between being fairly paid for my work and fitting within my clients’ or potential clients’ budgets. With a whopping inflation rate of about 8% in Canada in 2022 and just making it through a pandemic, I know maintaining a business can be tough (and expensive!).

In the past, I only had one service offering; fully custom web design. Inquiries would come in with budgets lower than what I would charge and it was a too bad, so sad situation. I wasn’t able to help them because that would result in me being underpaid for my work. I hated having to turn people down and I knew there could be a way I could help more businesses while still being paid for what my skills are worth. Fast forward to today, I now have 3 different web service offerings with hopes to reach more businesses where they’re currently at.

Fully Custom Web Design – $$$$$

Now I’m sure you can see why this would be my top-tier service offering. I work one-on-one with my client and really dive deep into what their needs are. Timelines range from 1.5 months to 3 months depending on the type and complexity of the website which includes time for a lot of competitor research, multiple revisions, multiple concepts and a fully customized service from beginning to end. This is the most pricey web service offering that I currently have which is best suited for more established businesses or businesses with larger budgets that need a more white-glove service. Along with a fully custom website, this offering usually provides my clients with the most clarity which is sometimes for them, better than the finished product. Click here to inquire and book a discovery call to see if this service is right for you.

VIP Web Design Intensive – $$$

I recently discovered Design Intensives and have fallen so in love with them. With less time spent on researching and only one concept presented, I am able to create a website in 1 or 2 weeks (depending on the type of website– standard or e-commerce) for a fraction of the price of a custom website. This has become a popular option for my clients not only because of the pricepoint and quick turnaround time but because I still get to know them and their business before the project making the service more personal than purchasing a template. This is a great option if you’re looking to have something done quickly, you’re budget isn’t huge but you have set aside some money or you’re looking for a professional to execute your project for you. You can find out more about becoming a VIP Intensive client here.

Designer Website Templates – $

Website templates are a great way to get that designer look for way less! While it does require more work on your part, I have worked to create designer website templates that are so easily customizable all you’ll need is a computer and internet connection. The layout and functionalities are all set up by me, so when you purchase the template, all you’ll have to do is swap in your photos, change the colours and fonts to match your brand and change the filler copy to reflect your business. Built on the Showit platform, it is a drag-and-drop, DIY solution that is extremely cost effective and perfect for businesses that are just starting out. Be sure to sign up for the Newsletter to receive 10% off the template shop and to be the first to know when the shop goes live!

If you’re still not sure what service might be best for you, let’s hop on a call. I will ask targeted questions to better understand what outcome you’re looking to get out of this relationship and I will make suggestions as to what service I think will suit you and your business best!