Do You Really Need A Website?

It’s the year 2023, the sun is shining, the air is clean (NAHTTTT, global warming), and you’re running your amazing business like usual. You’ve built a great following, inquiries have been coming in through your DM’s, people have been buying the products that you post on social media and you’re glowing with the progress you’ve been making with your business.

But, what if social media shut down tomorrow?

Then what would you do? How would your customers find you? The thing with social media is that it’s not yours. You are just one in a couple million using a platform that you don’t own. If Zuckerberg decided tomorrow that he wanted to close up shop, I guess that means you’re shut down too. Yes, this may seem far-fetched and very unrealistic, BUT it’s not totally impossible. A major communications company in Canada was down for a day and it rocked the nation. People couldn’t reach their audience or contact their friends and family and it seemed like a world completely different from the one we’re used to. Now that was just a day but imagine something more permanent and your socials were gone for good.

I’m definitely not saying you should put all your eggs in one basket and rely only on your website, but as it stands now, some people rely only on social media for their business. The more touchpoints your audience has with you, the better. Your website should be your main chick while your socials, newsletter, etc. should be your side pieces.

Aside from a social media shutdown (and the world becoming a better place, sorry not sorry), a website builds trust and loyalty.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve landed on a business’s Instagram page, loved their product and didn’t buy what they are selling. Maybe it’s the designer in me wanting to see a fully branded experience from start to finish or maybe it’s just that I don’t see the business as being totally legit. A business is far more likely to make a sale off of me or have me become a fan if they’ve got a website. I know I can’t be the only one to think this way, so keep that in mind and think about all of the money you’re leaving on the proverbial table.

But Sabrina, maybe a website is out of reach for me at the moment.

I totally get that! Maybe working with a designer isn’t in the budget at the moment and maybe you’re already so in over your head with administrative stuff that you don’t have the time to DIY it right now. But, what if I told you that a website might just not be way out of your reach? As a business owner myself, I’ve been thinking about ways that I can make design more accessible for the average business owner.

Let me tell you how I can help!

I recently started offering VIP Design Intensive services that come at a significantly lower price point and a wicked fast turnaround time. In a week or two weeks’ time, you can have a standard or e-commerce website designed and developed for you so you can start attracting your followers in places other than social media. Cool right! I know.

Maybe you do have the time to DIY your website but you don’t have the technical ability or designer eye needed to make your site stand out. No problem my friend! I’ve been working on Website Templates that will be launching soon. This is an elevated DIY experience where all the groundwork is done for you. All you’ll need to do is swap in your badass images, replace my dummy copy for your killer copy and infuse some of your business’s personality. It really is so simple with a drag-and-drop editor to customize your site that I’m convinced if my Mom can do it, so can you (hi Mom!).

I’m always around and I would love to help you with your business. Still not sure how I can help? Book an inquiry call and let’s chat!